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Wearing Corporate Clothing serves many purposes such as : Portraying of a professional image of your business, Promotion of brand awareness, Ensuring that employees wear the correct clothing in accordance with the image of the business, Distinguishing your staff and providing them with a sense of belonging, thereby promoting team spirit and Tax implications. The most popular branding option for Corporate Clothing is embroidery. High speed, computer-controlled sewing machines are used to stich the logo directly onto the material. Because embroidery is fully computerised, the logo first have to be “digitized”. The job of a digitizer is to convert your artwork into stitches or thread, which will enable the computer to control the sewing machine and sew your design. At CK Embroideries we offer in house digitizing services to all our customers to ensure the most economical layout, best quality and correct colours. We also assist other embroiderers who do not have the necessary facilities to do their own designs. CK Embroideries understand that effective branding cannot be over emphasized and we are fully equipped to enhance and promote your company through high quality embroidering of Corporate Clothing. We can brand everything from T-shirts, golf shirts, jackets, fleeces, jerseys, caps and scarves, men's shirts, men's pants, men's clothing, jeans, bermuda shorts, ladies skirts, ladies pants, ladies blouse leisure wear, kiddies clothing, lounge shirts, fleece jackets, fleece sweaters, hoodies, jackets, beanie, scarves, cardigans, jerseys, pullovers, leisure wear and more! If you are looking for a powerful extension to your marketing team please contact us or click here to request a quote on our highly professional corporate clothing embroidery services.

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