Industrial Clothing

A company logo embroidered or printed on Industrial Clothing adds an instantly professional and smart appearance to the work attire. An embroidered logo can vary in size and style, dependant on what you think is suitable for your business. Embroidered workwear helps employees to be identified in the workplace as it can be clearly seen that they are representing a certain company. Customised embroidered and printed workwear can be made to fit any business and job role. Your company logo can be embroidered on to the workwear providing a standard uniform for all the employees. Although all the uniforms may be the same colour, an embroidered badge will give it the added distinction between the employees and the customers. Another purpose of an embroidered badge on Industrial Clothing is that it can clearly state the employee’s name and role in the company, presenting a more personal approach and improving customer service and interaction. Employees can quickly be found and identified in embroidered workwear when customers are looking for help or advice. It can also make an employee feel part of the team in the workplace and serve as a reminder that they represent the company and take pride in their jobs. At CK Embroideries we produce many different types of high quality embroidery on Industrial Clothing, etc. Overalls, Protective Clothing, Dustcoats, Boiler suits, Aprons, Gloves, Head protection, Eye protection, Respiratory protection, Acid resistant and flame retardant conti suits, High visibility safety wear, Shirts and many more. Our experienced team can assist you with valuable advice, etc. the correct thread, stich and colour to be used in order to produce the perfect logo on your workwear. Please contact us to discuss your requirements or click here to request a quote on our quality Industrial clothing embroidery.

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