T-shirts & Golf shirts

Embroidery on t-shirts and golf shirts is a great way to advertise you brand. Your actual logo can be easily reproduced in stitches using sophisticated software and top of the line embroidery equipment. At CK Embroideries we offer a professional “digitizing” service when embroidering on golf shirts and t-shirts. Digitizing is the process of converting your logo into a stitch file that can be read by an embroidery machine and interpreted as different stitch types. Embroidering on T-shirts and golf shirts need special attention because of the stretchy knit fabric it is usually made of. At CK Embroideries we assist our customers in choosing designs that will help the fabric to drape well as opposed to designs that cause the fabric to droop. We use a cutaway stabilizer that will best support the fabric during the embroidery and also through wearing and washing. To ensure that the fabric and stabilizer stay together nice and tight during the embroidery process, we “hoop” the stabilizer with the T-Shirt or Golf Shirt. This ensures that the stitches will be clean and crisp and the sections of the design will line up precisely where they are supposed to. We have a wide range of colours that are available for embroidery and the possibilities of what we can do are endless. For more information on our T-shirt and golf shirt embroidery – please contact us.

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